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Sure, you can buy a condo out on a lake for two to three times the price and they are probably very nice. Once there, however, you are miles from the campus and Little Dooey's and Oby's and the new movie theater and everything else that you can do in Starkville.

You can pay another twenty thousand dollars and have a place west of town. The question is, why pay more for a place you will only be using part-time?

You can pay well over one hundred thousand dollars and get a cute two story south of town. If you have an extra seventy thousand or so to spend go ahead.

You can pay lots more and get a place east of town on a golf course and if you come to Starkville to play golf go for it.

I am basically a frugal person and Camellia Gardens offered me a chance to have everything I need for a very affordable price. You should be able to get your own unit for under 60K. And like we've said before, it comes with everything. You won't need to buy a refrigerator or washer and dryer. You don't have to worry about window treatments. You just bring in what furniture you want whenever you want and you are comfortably in your second home.

By the way, my name is Jack Kean and other than my unit I have no financial interest in this project. I make no money if you buy one. I would like to have more unit owners who, like me, are avid Bulldog Fans.